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Get Your Book in Print Fast!


Your Book: 

You have an idea for a book and are passionate about telling your story. You have even written the first few chapters, are happy with the way it is going, and are excited to see if anyone will put it in print.

Guess what? Probably not! The traditional process is stacked against you.

The requirements to publish traditionally are rigorous and involve writing an exacting query letter and maybe even hiring an agent. 

Review editors receive hundreds of query letters each week, and few editors read past the first paragraph or two of the query letter, with almost all letters landing on the reject pile.  You receive a rejection form letter in the mail many weeks after you submit your query letter, or you never hear back -- ever.


This Is Where We Come In:

We know how to spiff up your book and get it ready to print with all of the requirements to make it legitimate and appealing to purchase.


Basic Services Provided:

1.      A discussion of what and why you want to publish a book, your audience, and whether it will be worth the effort.

2.      Guidance on formatting and the proper order of material.

3.      Proofing and editing services (others charge $2-3/page).

4.      Guidance on writing a dynamite back cover (this is what sells the book).

5.      ISBN, LCN, and Catalog card numbers.

6.      A copyright for the book.

7.      Access to a high quality, low cost book printer who can provide:

o   A bar code for the book

o   Set up

o   Printing the number of books needed

8.      Set the proper ?price-point? for your book for maximum sales.

9.      Ideas for marketing your book.

10.  Access to a low cost, high quality designer of author webpages with a Pay Pal shopping basket.


Our Fee:

You may: 1) purchase the ten steps for $295 with no fees for the books sold, or 2) or pay us 20% of the selling price of each book sold. In traditional publishing, new authors are lucky to get 10% of the selling price. Here you get 80%! 

Upfront cost for cover design and formatting is typically $495 to $695 (paid by the author).  The cost to print each book is approximately $2.75/book (with no color) for a 100-page soft cover book when purchasing 100 books.  This is paid by the author, or an arrangement can be made with us to pay part or all of these costs for a higher percentage of the selling price. 

Optional Service Provided:

?    Fulfillment ? Process orders, package and ship your book?s website orders ($1.75/book) plus S&H (averages about $3 per book and is paid by the person purchasing the book).


William N. Kelly Consulting & Publishing, Inc.